I have accompanied people in their development and transformation process for over 20 years before I started Golf Piandisole. Based on my many years of expertise as a hypnosis teacher, I developed the MB Method (MB Process), which was published as a book in 2009: “Do you still suffer or are you already alive? Another foundation of my work is that I have lived through this process myself – out of suffering, into my own awake vitality. It is my passion to connect people directly with their own selves and their inherent power.

In my lectures, seminars and individual sessions I show people that they have the key to a fulfilled and happy life in their hands. I want you to realize and experience directly that it is possible to end your suffering now and lead a self-determined life. The MB-Process developed by me actively supports people to perceive life without illusions, to free themselves from the role of victims and to find their own truth.

In my work I encourage people to take responsibility for their feelings, thoughts and behaviours – to reflect honestly and to take new steps. In every moment we can respond spontaneously and anew to life. That is the real meaning of responsibility.

“Every person is responsible for his own thoughts and feelings. This is a necessary insight to take possession of one’s own life. By understanding how suffering and pain arise, we can change our lives positively.”

Member of the information and research association.

Already during my studies in Potsdam and Berlin I started to work as a trainer and additionally as a business coach. After my studies with reference to gender – gender identities, professional ambitions & challenges with women, power relations between the sexes, depression and bipolarity, I worked independently with a lecturing and a coaching practice. I gave up freelance work for several years in order to conceive seminars in adult education. In 2013 I had my longest episode with agoraphobia and panic attacks, but continued to work without medication and withdrew from it with independence.

After that I went back to main self-employment and now work as an author and mentor/coach.

My way of working

My coaching is intuitive and yet scientifically based and means that I give you help that you can “jump at” well. In consultation with you, I choose from a number of techniques and methods what you need in order to walk the path to yourself – to wholeness, healing, a desired emotional state – and your desire for life. My repertoire contains besides search for causes and vision as well as possibilities of implementation techniques/strategies like these:

Autogenic trainings and meditations, EFT (tapping technique against stressful feelings), visualization techniques (especially helpful for highly sensitive and/or “functioning” people such as highly sensitive, gifted, creative, empathetic), breathing techniques, flowing (self-help technique against pain), coaching and NLP tools (and a. Reframing, working with the inner team), working with the inner child, writing therapeutic interventions (automatic writing to tap into your intuition and inner voice), deep relaxation techniques, Focusing (self-help technique body perception), speech therapeutic elements and much more.

From my method suitcase we create together an effective driving and emergency plan for you, which can be easily integrated into your life and which enables you to take the next steps out of your own abilities.