Expanding your Online Business Tips

Expanding your Online Business Tips

Did you know that it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to find new customers? Or that some people lose a lot of money in the beginning? Well, luckily such negative experiences can easily be avoided if you use the social media to market your business. It’s a great way to get more publicity, reach new customers and earn more money at no extra cost. See for yourself why an online presence is so important for a digital marketing agency.

An online presence helps any entrepreneur to be better noticed, and that means more sales. With social media, guests and hosts can easily find you online. They will then be more willing to contact you online, and this will lead to greater interest in your upcoming events and parties. An online presence can therefore contribute to the growth of your business!

What can you use social media for?

In social media you can share your enthusiasm for upcoming parties and products. Once you have understood how to deal with social media, you can reach people very quickly and advertise new offers – and then sit back and relax. That’s the beauty of being your own boss!

It is also easy to answer questions quickly

If you are a leader or RVP, you can support your advisors by sharing their content with your followers. Don’t worry if you are not yet familiar with business development through social media. Here you will find a short description of different platforms and how they can be used for business purposes.

Facebook is the best platform to promote your business because it is used by so many people. It’s also helpful because as an existing Facebook user, you can tell your friends about your business and grow it that way.

Instagram is a great visual marketing tool for all types of businesses. If you like taking photos, Instagram is the ideal medium for you. It’s also a great platform to reach a target audience of young people. What is the average age of people attending your parties? If they are in their twenties and thirties, Instagram is a great option.

Top Tip: 

Don’t worry that you can’t think of anything. Just let your followers share your life with photos and insta stories.

Twitter is a good tool if you like to participate in online conversations. You can also use Twitter to find new contacts for your business. For example, try #JoinTheParty #BookYourParty and #PartyLite. Every person you meet is a potential host or future advisor. The same rules apply online. Once you are familiar with your first platform, you can extend your feelers further. There are many more possibilities than the ones mentioned above, including Google+, Pinterest, etc. Just find out what you like best and stick with it.

Choose the social networks that benefit your work

If you’ve never used social media before, or for personal use only, the idea of using it for business can be a bit daunting. It is best to start with a platform and gain self-confidence there. If you’re already familiar with Facebook, this is the perfect place to start. You can create a group where you share data for parties and show images of new fragrances and accessories to get readers interested.

Posts regularly

It is important to be perceived as reliable. A few posts per week only take a few minutes of your working time away, but can have invaluable effects. Draw up a plan of what you want to post and stick to it.

Make sure your posts match your business

Getting Likes and Views is important, but everything must match your PartyLite corporate identity. Maybe you are very interested in funny cat videos yourself, but is that what your followers expect from your PartyLite business? Also, your Facebook account is not the right place to complain about politics. Think of your company and limit the funny posts and politics to your private accounts in the social media.

Post useful and shareable content

Each time you post new content, ask yourself if it is useful and how likely it is to be shared. Don’t be afraid to post pictures. Posts with pictures get 94% more views. Videos achieve even more!

Don’t forget the Hashtags

Hashtags are important because they make it easy for you to be found in the social media, especially by other PartyLite fans. #DreamJob #PartyLite

Make use of  Influencers 

Sometimes you can get the impression that you are simply posting into the void and nobody is interested in it. Don’t worry too much about it, if you share good content, more and more followers will join you. But if you want a quick start, just ask other advisors or leaders you know who have more followers than you to share one of your posts. Or mention these people by name.


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