The Fear Of Dogs – Canophobia / Kynophobia

The Fear Of Dogs – Canophobia / Kynophobia

Something more about her can be found directly below the post. Many thanks dear Leyla Sophie, because how often do dog owners meet people who are proverbially afraid of dogs written in their faces. And especially for those affected there are helpful tips in this article.

What is canophobia anyway?

Canophobia is the comprehensive term for the fear of dogs. There is still the word kynophobia, which also describes the fear of dogs. The words consist of the Latin word “canis” and the Greek word “kýon” → dog. Phobia is a word that is probably a term for all of us, it means fear. I personally prefer the Greek word.

Where does the fear of dogs come from?

Canophobia can have several causes. Researchers assume that it is generally present in humans and that it originates from primal fear – we are therefore afraid of dogs because we still carry the defence mechanism against wild animals within us and the dog has a certain resemblance to a wolf.

Other backgrounds would be traumatic experiences with dogs in the childhood/ past. This is one of the most common reasons.

What can I do against canophobia?

If I notice that I am very afraid of dogs, big or small, then there is a possibility to lose this fear. Desensitisation is an umbrella term for the form of therapy that deals strongly with anxiety and anxiety disorders. One is consciously confronted with one’s fear in the form of therapy. This does not have to happen in a therapeutic context, one can also do this for oneself. One has to deal with the fear, should consider where it comes from and should be aware that there is no reason to be afraid of dogs.

When you meet a dog on the street, it is important to pretend that you are not afraid. The four-legged friends feel it when someone is afraid. One should run slowly, not turn away, regulate the breath – try not to breathe faster. If this is very difficult, you can imagine a place in your head where you would rather be. If you notice that you have become calmer, you can try to pet the dog and let him sniff his hand first.

What can dog owners do in encounters with people who are afraid of their dogs?

If you take your dog for a walk or are simply out and about with him and you meet a person you can already see from a distance that he is afraid of your darling, then take him on a leash. Try to keep the leash a little shorter and make a conscious bow around the person with canophobia. If this person stops, just ask her nicely if she would like to stroke!

However, from my own experience I can report that you can lose your fear of dogs! Meanwhile I like to stroke a dog and am no longer afraid to meet them.

In Dog Holder Tips

About the fear of dogs – and how to lose them.

Do you know this: the Sunday visit announces itself, and you stow all your lovable four-legged friends in all imaginable rooms of the house, because: the aunt is afraid of dogs.

Apart from the fact that you wouldn’t simply lock your grandmother in the bathroom just because the friends who come to visit are afraid of her, the fear of dogs is a tricky topic – taken up in every dog & pet forum. But dogs are actually the pets with whom one can build the most intimate of all connections (I maintain)…

Since I have many guests on our farm in the spring and summer months who would like to spend some nice days at Lake Constance, it has of course happened quite often that visitors were there who were afraid of dogs – either they had read over the hint that there are some dogs in the house, or they decided on a small approach therapy… because in each individual case, that was exactly what happened.

When the guests arrived, they were of course greeted by my colourful and cheerful Chihuahua pack, barking and squeaking at the front gate, scurrying between their legs. On this occasion I noticed if someone was not really comfortable with dogs.

I did not let the dogs in this case then also inside, so that the guests could recover after the initial small shock therapy immediately again. At breakfast they were then alone, and in the kitchen I had mostly only 1-2 of my more leisurely quiet Chihuahua ladies lying, who when it comes to it at most lift their heads when someone comes in, and one or other sweet Chihuahua baby.

And exactly these quiet and cozy ladies in combination with the cute tiny puppies, made it within the next 2 days in 100% of all cases, that in the end the guests (including the dog-anxiety-haber) sat on the kitchen floor, each watched a dog on his arm, devoutly stroking and fascinated by the little playful goings-on of the puppy… if this is not a successful therapy, which can give us answers to the question, how to get rid of the fear of dogs 😉

Stephen S. Davidson